[p4] Viewing files not in the workspace

Dix, John JDix at MedManageSystems.com
Thu Aug 9 15:16:33 PDT 2007

Oh right. I completely forgot about that little thing with the "..." :)
And it was even mentioned in a separate thread a few days ago. 

Thanks Ken.

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Hi John,

The notation "..." is a shorthand for "all the files in perforce below
point in the hierarchy".  So it doesn't include any non-perforced files.

In P4V, select a local directory in the Workspace View and do Tools ->
Reconcile Offline Work.


On 8/9/07 2:40 PM, "Dix, John" <JDix at MedManageSystems.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> In P4Win there was a way to filter the workspace view to view only
> files that are NOT in the depot.  I cannot seem to find this in P4V.
> Along those same lines, what I am trying to do is to go through an
> entire directory structru3e and add ALL files not currently in the
> depot. I executed p4 add ... and it registered the fact that it
> add the files that were in the depot already:
> //depot/VSSIntegrate/EMS/eMedSample/WwwRoot/Route/eSigRoute.asp -
> add existing file
> (I expected this) but it did not add the files to the changelist to be
> checked in that were NOT in the depot. It seems like this is a newbie
> question that I shouldn't be asking... ;)
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