[p4] Change spec appears to be badly damaged!

steve at vance.com steve at vance.com
Fri Aug 10 15:28:10 PDT 2007

The information from 'p4 info' would be useful. Also, have you tried it
from the command line? Do you have any form triggers on your server?

When you run into one of these, try to dump it to a file with 'p4 client -o
clientname > filename'. Then fix the client, dump it to a different file,
and analyze the differences.

If it's recurring and you can't account for what's happening with any of
the above, talk to Perforce support. I'm sure we'd be interested to hear
about it on the list, too.


Original Message:
From: Marc Chung mchung at gmail.com
Date: 	Fri, 10 Aug 2007 12:06:42 -0700
To: perforce-user at perforce.com
Subject: [p4] Change spec appears to be badly damaged!


Sometimes, after I submit a change list with p4win, I'll get the
following message:

"Change spec appears to be badly damaged!"

-> Create change list
-> Submit change list
-> Enter text description in dialog (No way to choose files)
-> Hit submit: Error appears.

The problem also occurs in p4v, but manifests itself differently:

-> Create change list
-> Submit change list
-> No files under "Choose files to submit"
-> Submit is disabled

- Creating an identical client spec seems to fix the problem.
- In fact, just modifying the client spec (reordering the views, for
example) and resending the specification seems to fix the problem too.

I likely haven't provided enough information to reproduce the problem,
but hopefully this helps someone.

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