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David Weintraub qazwart at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 09:51:49 PDT 2007

On 8/14/07, G Barthelemy <gb.perforce at googlemail.com> wrote:
> I find that "depot pollution" (i.e. CR/LF line endings in the depot)
> creeps in very quickly when the users are in a mixed environment,
> typically using Perforce on a Windows host but with the workspace
> stored on a CIFS share accessible from a Unix / Linux box (usually
> where the build environment resides and is run from).

I'm not sure why depot pollution happens. According to Perforce:

> On the server side, Perforce processes all text files using Unix-style
> LF line-endings. Although Perforce stores server archive files on disk
> in the operating system's native line termination convention (CR/LF on
> Windows, LF on Unix), all line-endings are normalized to Unix-style LF
> line-endings for internal Perforce Server operations such as sync, submit
> and diff.
> On the client workspace side, Perforce handling of line-endings is determined
> by a global option for each clientspec. When text files are synced to a client
> workspace with p4 sync or submitted back to a Perforce Server with p4 submit,
> their line-endings are converted as specified in the clientspec option for line-end
> treatment.

If this is the case, then Perforce should always be normalizing each
file before checking in and out, and sending the files to your client
with the correct line endings. Any file that is text should be forced
to be normalized. Any file with CVS Keywords should be cleaned up.
However, this doesn't appear to be happening -- at least in a
consistent basis.

I had a lot less trouble with line endings in Subversion. Plus,
Subversion has a file attribute that allowed you to specify on a
file-by-file basis the line endings. This way, VS files could be
forced to have CR/LF endings while Makefiles and Unix shell scripts
would be forced to have LF endings. I think Subversion otherwise
stored all text files (despite platform) with Unix line endings.

David Weintraub
qazwart at gmail.com

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