[p4] I line ending proposal

G Barthelemy gb.perforce at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 17 05:17:35 PDT 2007

This sounds good. I got a SIR raised with Perforce back in November
2006 similarly asking for a "windows" and "unix" (I forgot to mention
"mac", sorry :-) filetype modifiers to the same effect. In my scheme
they would have overriden the LineEnd mode specified in the client
spec, but having the option to ignore this behaviour from the client
spec with new LineEnd options is a great idea. In our case this
stemmed from Visual Studio 6 crashing when trying to open its own .dsp
and .dsw project files that had unix line endings...

Someone else at our company made a similar request months before I
did, so my guess is that there must be others out there who did too:
it would be a neat feature to have. Please go ahead and submit your
proposal to Perforce.

Guillaume Barthelemy

On 8/15/07, Ivey, William <william_ivey at bmc.com> wrote:
> Here's my idea of what I'd like to see as far as text file line ending
> handling in Perforce. Thought I'd toss this out for comment.
> Introduce a file type modifier which coerces a file into the desired
> type, allowing the setting to be applied file-by-file or through
> typemap:
>             +W      CR/LF
>             +U       LF
>             +M       CR
> Add a new LineEnd: option, "filetype", which responds to the new
> file type modifier and could be added to an existing option as in:
>             unix,filetype
>             share,filetype
>             etc.
> Unmodified options would retain their current meanings.

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