[p4] determining p4 settings

Jay Glanville Jay.Glanville at naturalconvergence.com
Fri Aug 17 08:01:04 PDT 2007

Hello all.

Does anyone know of a simple, absolute way of finding out which perforce
configuration setting is going to be used?

For example, lets say I have (on Windows) P4CONFIG set in my windows
registry, plus have P4CLIENT set in both my registry and my config file.
Is there a simple query that I can execute to show me which value will
be used, or do I need to manually apply the rules found here:

You see, if I run
  p4 set P4CLIENT
It's just going to tell me what's setup in my windows registry.  It's
not going to use my P4CONFIG setting.

It would be nice to know explicitly, if I ran a command here, which
configuration settings would be used.



Jay Dickon Glanville
Application Designer, Natural Convergence
jay.glanville at naturalconvergence.com
(613) 280-2000 x593

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