[p4] Windows file name length issues

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
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It may not be a limit of the low-level OS routines, but it
affects most, if not all, Windows software due to the
MAX_PATH value. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q177665/

We went through a series of corrupted copy problems with
our test images. Turned out those who accessed them via
a mapped drive were just fine, but those who put \\machine
at the beginning of the path went over. (I think the long
path was 251 characters - it was a deeply buried Java

I'm sure 255 characters sounded like a lot back in the
days of 8.3 filenames.


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I don't think it is a Windows OS limitation, but instead an Office
limitation - i.e. versions of Word/Excel can't cope.


Thus no Vista solution!!

Shortening Client root/mapping can help...

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> Recently, the Windows users at my office have started 
> experiencing the Windows file name length limit, where, due 
> to the length of their client root directory, the Perforce 
> client cannot sync the file to the local client due to the 
> total local file name length being more than 255 characters 
> (or right around there). They are all running on Windows XP.
> The current answer I have is to either change the file names 
> so that they're more compatible with everyone's system (not a 
> good answer), or to shorten the client root (seems like a 
> short term fix).
> Does anyone know of a better, long term solution, or if 
> Perforce on Vista has the same problem?  Thanks.
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