[p4] Windows file name length issues

David Weintraub qazwart at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 06:53:17 PDT 2007

> David Weintraub wrote:
 > Does Vista have the same MAX_PATH limitation?

On 8/18/07, Patrick Bennett <patrick.bennett at inin.com> wrote:
> No, Vista is an NT-based OS.  The DOS days died with Win9x.

Yes, I know that Vista is an NT-based OS, but even the NT-based OSs
had the MAX_PATH limit. Even in the Explorer. I know there is a way
around it, but most programs don't use it.

Let me restate my question, if I am using Perforce on Windows Vista,
do I run into the same problems I would on Windows XP with the
MAX_PATH limitation?

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