[p4] Strange problem and Pros and Cons of upgrading?

Brad Holt brad.holt at autodesk.com
Mon Aug 20 15:20:16 PDT 2007

I've had nothing but good luck with the upgrades.  All our servers are
on the latest version now.  With some of the re-indexing work that they
did in the last couple of releases, things have sped up, and the p4
usage related slow downs have mostly gone away.  Our server used to
buckle up for a good 15 minutes everytime we wanted to branch all the
source.  I think either 2006.2 or 2007.1 took care of that one.

Anyway, we had a similar problem to yours on one of our servers and it
turned out that one of the disks in one of the arrays was starting to
check out.  P4 could still limp along while the disk was having one of
its spells, but after we replaced it, things picked back up again.

Good luck.

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We are currently running server version 2005.1 (with the patch) on a
Windows Server 2003 system.

We are weighing the option of upgrading to a newer version of Perforce.

Anyone have any experience or info on what the pros and cons (if any) of
doing this upgrade?

One of the issues we are having is that our server (can't figure out
whether its Perforce acting up or the server) randomly gets a massive
slowdown. Sometimes once a day, sometimes twice... sometimes only once a
week or less... for a 15 minute period or so we have a massive slowdown
on the machine and this usually leads to a Perforce crash (and typically
db corruption as well.) The strangest thing about these slowdowns is
that the entire machine seems to lag up, and the performance monitors
show no increased activity that should be warranting the slowdown.

I'm not sure if upgrading could help resolve this problem since I don't
even know if Perforce is the culprit... but if anyone has any
information either the problem we are having as well as the general
pros/cons of upgrading the version of Perforce I would be grateful.


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