[p4] Trigger question

Dix, John JDix at MedManageSystems.com
Tue Aug 21 15:49:05 PDT 2007

Thanks Matthew. I was doing that but I really wanted to utilize the
trigger features. I guess for now this will have to do.

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The first thing I would check is the user p4d is running as. Be sure
that user can execute the trigger on the commandline.

Also, as there may be some overhead with running any trigger on every
single checkin you might consider running the script as a daemon
(scheduled task) every five minutes or so.


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I am trying to add my trigger for the p4reviewer to the trigger list and
for some reason it doesn't execute:



            p4review change-commit //depot/... "c:\python25\python.exe


I have tried the following:



            p4review change-commit //depot/... c:\python25\python.exe
c:\PerforceScripts\p4review.py which fails to save.



            p4review change-commit //depot/...
"c:\PerforceScripts\p4review.py" - no errors. Just doesn't run.


If I execute the script outside of the triggers environment, it
functions as it should and I get review reports emailed to me.



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