[p4] UNIX dot files into Perforce

Thomas.Wielski at sybase.com Thomas.Wielski at sybase.com
Wed Aug 22 10:41:12 PDT 2007


We are archiving some  2Gb of UNIX directories into a Perforce depot.
There are many directory levels there, many symbolic links and many dot
files (files whose names begin with a dot), as well as dot directories.
The problem is how to p4 add all files including these dot files and
directories  to a changelist while using filespec wildcards, short of
writing complex UNIX shell scripts that locate them and add them one by

 "p4 add dir/*/*"  and variations thereof do not pick them up.   I suspect
there must be a simple answer to this question, but I just haven't stumbled
upon it.

Thank you in advance,

Thomas Wielski
Perforce Administrator
Sybase, Inc

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