[p4] Double-Take

Mike Sundy msundy at pixar.com
Fri Aug 24 14:16:32 PDT 2007

Yes, I evaluated it at the last company I worked at.  We tested it  
and it looked good.  It did what we thought it would do, which was  
keep a running mirror of the Windows server versioned files volume.   
The nice thing about it was it was way cheaper than the competitors.   
However, we ended up migrating all of our servers to Linux any way so  
we never moved forward on Double-Take (last time I checked, it was  

What we ended up doing instead was low-tech but free:  On Windows, we  
would xcopy over (with several flags) the versioned files system to  
the warm spare daily.  On Linux, we used rsync.  If you can deal with  
possibly losing up to the last 24 hours of your versioned files, this  
is a cheap method to keep a mirror up to date.  Odds are someone  
still has files on their desktop from the last 24 hours anyway.

There are many more sophisticated (and expensive) ways to do this,  
but xcopy/rsync is a good place to start if you have nothing.


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> Does anyone have any experience of using Double-Take to mirror their
> versioned files on a failover server?
> http://www.doubletake.com/products/
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