[p4] User initiated Codeline Freezes

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Being relatively new to the 'Perforce way', if you don't freeze a branch
(in whatever means), how do know what files where part of a particular
version. Is there an assumption that it is labeled? A general CM practice
is to occasional rebuild (audit) older versions to prove the process
really captured it correctly. If it is not frozen, how do you ensure it
wasn't accidentally changed later (added to).


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On 8/26/07, Roy Smith <smith_roy at emc.com> wrote:
"What is the advantage of doing this compared to just branching at the

It's sort of nice to stop-the-chaos (if it is, indeed, that rapid) to
pause and verify that the dev tree is self-consistent before declaring the
thing's ready to start down a release-branch path.

It's really about your confidence in the quality of the stability of the
main development tree. If you do continuous or frequent build/smoke-tests
(at least once-a-day), you have a higher confidence than if it's
broken/unbuildable most of the time.

In classes, I teach "freezing a dev codeline/tree should be considered a
four-letter-word in Perforce." (It's catchy, and easy to remember.) The
reality is that a very-short moment during a release cycle is probably
reasonable. Your process has to serve your needs, ultimately, so you

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