[p4] User initiated Codeline Freezes

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Playing devil advocate here:

If 5 change lists were needed to complete a release branch like, Rel1.0,
then how would you know a year later which change lists were in the
'final' release. Someone could have added the 5th accidentally and the
release was really only 4 change lists.


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On 8/27/07, todd.benham at kodak.com <todd.benham at kodak.com> wrote:
> Being relatively new to the 'Perforce way', if you don't freeze a 
> branch (in whatever means), how do know what files where part of a 
> particular version. Is there an assumption that it is labeled?  A 
> general CM practice is to occasional rebuild (audit) older versions to 
> prove the process really captured it correctly. If it is not frozen, 
> how do you ensure it wasn't accidentally changed later (added to).

A changelist number defines a moment in the history of the code line that
can be used the same way you would use a label.  It completely specifies
the contents of the code line.

Syncing to the same changelist number always brings the same bits into the
client workspace.  Whether your build system does the same thing with them
is still worth auditing, but it's a separate problem.

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