[p4] User initiated Codeline Freezes

Chuck Emary chuck.emary at Configuresoft.com
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We have solved this a couple of different ways.  I have put triggers in place that allow branch owners the ability to add/remove users from their branches via an ACL that is checked into Perforce.  This still requires setting up permissions in the protect table, but once it's done the P4 admin is out of the loop for the most part.

>From a code freeze perspective I use a trigger that queries our defect database looking for a "CCB approved" flag.  If a user attempts to check in code that is not approved, the check-in fails.  About the time that we start with release candidates we will create branches to allow work for the next release to proceed.


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Hi all,

Does any one have any ideas about how to offer a
tool/script that p4 users could execute to essentially
"freeze" a code line? I know that I can change
permissions in the protect table but that requires admin
access and I don't want to have keep changing this
whenever someone wants to lock a branch. I guess there
are triggers that could be employed but what would be the
best way to flag that the branch is locked vs unlocked?

Any insights would be appreciated.



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