[p4] Archiving a depot?

Jeff Desharnais jdesharnais at maddocsoftware.com
Mon Aug 27 13:19:36 PDT 2007


We currently have quite a lot of projects and depots on our Perforce

While we are still okay on hard drive space, we would like to archive
some of our older depots and remove them from Perforce. Our motivation
is mainly that we can no longer fit all our depots onto a single backup

My frist question is:

Are there any negatives to having many depots on the same server? I know
the more depots viewed by a client can produce more server load from
requests and fstats, but is there any other negative with having "too
many" depots?

Second, and most important question:

Is there a process for archiving/backing up a depot that will allow us
to remove it from Perforce but still plug it back in if the need arises?
We would love to be able to take one of our depots offline... back it up
and remove it from the server but still be able to bring it back with
all it's revisions and so on. Is this possible and if so how?

Thanks for any help,


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