[p4] Visual Studio and SCC

Robert McKenna robertm at bioware.com
Tue Aug 28 14:22:29 PDT 2007

The user tells me that it is only this file although I should test
another file on his machine to be sure. Logging could be a problem as I
think he has it turned on.

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Stabbing in the dark here.

Is it really just this one particular file? Or does it do the same thing
with another file in the same project?

Are there a lot of files in the project? Sometimes the SCC plugin (in
general, not just for Perforce) does a scan of the entire solution. We
have a project with several thousand files in it that will seem to 'lock
up' for a few minutes at seemingly random times.

Also, if you do have a lot of files in a solution/project, make sure you
have logging turned off unless you are troubleshooting a problem. Having
logging on and having it scan even a few hundred files can be the
difference between 30 seconds and five minutes of lag.

Also, if logging is turned on, maybe have a look at it in case there are
errors in it. :)  Note that P4V/P4Win and the SCC plugin have different
log files and need to be turned on/off in that particular environment.


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One of my users is having an odd problem in Visual studio 2005 which may
be related to the SCC. He can checkout or undo a checkout of a
particular file but any attempt to actually edit the file locks VS for 5
to 20 minutes. Other files in the same project do not show this problem
and the file itself can be opened and edited in another editor or in
another instance of VS, as long as the project file is not opened in
that instance. Reverting, removing, syncing and reopening the file has
no effect and neither does reinstalling the plug-in. The project is
using a 2005.2 server and the user is using the 2005.2 SCC plug-in.
Has anyone else had this problem or have any idea what is causing it?
Rob McKenna
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