[p4] Sharing workspace between 2 users?

David Weintraub qazwart at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 14:59:41 PDT 2007

There is no problem with multiple users sharing the same client on the
same machine. Set your P4CONFIG environment variable to something like
".p4rc" or "p4.rc" and put this file in the root of your client. This
file will set the name of the client, the user, etc. In fact, you may
even want to setup a special user with read only permission on the
archive, and put this user in a group with an extremely long login
time. That way, no one has to log into this client to use it.

I used a similar method to automatically install new revisions on our
servers. The servers each had a Perforce client that automatically
sync'd itself every few minutes. When we did a new release, we would
put the files out on the "production branch", and all of our servers
would automatically update themselves.

On 8/31/07, Geoff Rowland <growland at blueomega.com> wrote:
> Is it possible to share one workspace between 2 different users?  Or
> maybe there is a better way of doing this:
> We have a machine in our conference room, which has different people
> using it.  Nothing is ever submitted from this machine, just latest
> builds pulled down from perforce.
> The problem is, different people may be using this machine - so even
> though the depot exists on disk, each person needs to create a new
> workspace when they login, which results in all the files being
> re-downloaded again, not just the ones that have been updated since the
> last person updated.
> What is the best way to allow this (if at all)?
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