[p4] Sharing workspace between 2 users?

Jeff Grills jgrills at drivensnow.org
Fri Aug 31 20:55:18 PDT 2007

I've had multiple users sharing a client/workspace on a conference room
machine before, and for the most part it worked well.  The one thing that
was a problem is that team leads had access to additional files that
non-leads didn't, which confused the syncing somewhat, or at least confused
the users doing the syncing.  You can help that significantly by limiting
the client's view to only the files that everyone can see.


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There is no problem with multiple users sharing the same client on the same
machine. Set your P4CONFIG environment variable to something like ".p4rc" or
"p4.rc" and put this file in the root of your client. This file will set the
name of the client, the user, etc. In fact, you may even want to setup a
special user with read only permission on the archive, and put this user in
a group with an extremely long login time. That way, no one has to log into
this client to use it.

I used a similar method to automatically install new revisions on our
servers. The servers each had a Perforce client that automatically sync'd
itself every few minutes. When we did a new release, we would put the files
out on the "production branch", and all of our servers would automatically
update themselves.

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