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Eric.Walker at smsc.com Eric.Walker at smsc.com
Fri Feb 1 11:13:07 PST 2008

well, I think I am on a remote client of the perforce server, so we use 
proxys. There is a push counter that shows me what is pushed to the server 
and I get that by using p4 counters etc. once the number of the push 
counter and the number of the change match up, I know the server has my 
job and has processed it. In the gui, I can't do this. When I have looked 
at recent changes under the submitted changes tab, I can see my change but 
the server has yet to process it. I was looking for a way to do this 
within the gui.

Eric B. Walker

"Ivey, William" <william_ivey at bmc.com> 
02/01/08 11:55 AM

Eric Walker/SMSC at SMSC, <perforce-user at perforce.com>

RE: [p4] sync

If it's recent, you can just look at the submitted changes,
sorted by change number.

For a specific changelist, in P4Win you can use the menu
item: Changlist | Describe Changelist...


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How do I see if a certain changelist has been processed by the perforce 
server in the gui.  Just like you can by looking at the p4 counters 


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