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Eric.Walker at smsc.com Eric.Walker at smsc.com
Fri Feb 1 12:49:10 PST 2008

Thanks all for the info. I will try to create the custom tool as 
I will let you know how it goes.



Eric B. Walker

Stephen Vance <steve at vance.com> 
02/01/08 01:46 PM

Eric Walker/SMSC at SMSC
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Re: [p4] sync

This doesn't sound like a standard Perforce workflow. The job is 
submitted as soon as the command finishes. If there is a lag between 
when your submission finishes and when it "shows up on the server" I'm 
guessing you have some additional promotion mechanisms in place.

If that's true, then there are characteristics of your submissions that 
can be tracked. Without knowing the details of this process, it's hard 
to know what to look at. If you want to look at a particular change 
counter from the GUI, check out the "custom tools" functionality in both 
P4Win and P4V.


Eric.Walker at smsc.com wrote:
> Ivey,
> well, I think I am on a remote client of the perforce server, so we use 
> proxys. There is a push counter that shows me what is pushed to the 
> and I get that by using p4 counters etc. once the number of the push 
> counter and the number of the change match up, I know the server has my 
> job and has processed it. In the gui, I can't do this. When I have 
> at recent changes under the submitted changes tab, I can see my change 
> the server has yet to process it. I was looking for a way to do this 
> within the gui.
> Eric B. Walker
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> 02/01/08 11:55 AM
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> RE: [p4] sync
> If it's recent, you can just look at the submitted changes,
> sorted by change number.
> For a specific changelist, in P4Win you can use the menu
> item: Changlist | Describe Changelist...
> -Wm
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> How do I see if a certain changelist has been processed by the perforce 
> server in the gui.  Just like you can by looking at the p4 counters 
> command?
> Thanks
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Stephen Vance

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