[p4] Perforce file size limit

Mark Ridgwell perforce at markridgwell.com
Mon Feb 4 12:43:29 PST 2008

Fortunately its not all that often.  I think the last update was a year 
ago. I'm expecting an update soon as they've been working on it recently.

I've been trying to persuade them that exporting each part of the db and 
having 10 smaller files is better especially for updates, but it hasn't 
happened yet.

Its currently in a separate depot, so that no-one syncs it by accident.

Jeff A. Bowles wrote:
> Oh, my!
> I believe that I would seriously consider putting that 800 Mb database 
> backup (which ends up, later, in your Perforce backups) into a 
> separate 'depot' and perhaps a separate server altogether.
> Is that puppy updated often? I can imagine that having multiple 
> revisions of a 800 Mb file would be a bit unwieldy.
>   -Jeff Bowles
> On Feb 4, 2008 8:04 AM, Mark Ridgwell <perforce at markridgwell.com 
> <mailto:perforce at markridgwell.com>> wrote:
>     Sadly, I've got files in my repository of about 800Mb so I can say its
>     possible to sync them of at least 20Mb.
>     800mb is rather an oddity though - being a database backup.  the
>     biggest
>     other files we have are around 20-40Mb for data that gets loaded
>     to make
>     a clean database.
>     SaravanJ wrote:
>     > do perforce as any file size limit to get sync them? ie. is it
>     possible to
>     > sync files greater than 20 MB


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