[p4] Detecting if a client exists (cheaply)

Brad Holt brad.holt at autodesk.com
Wed Feb 6 11:50:35 PST 2008

Can't seem to find a quick way to do it.  I can dump the list and check, but this will be part of a tool that may want to check frequently, and for those folks on the other side of the world, this would gum up the works.

Running "p4 client testclient" will create a new "testclient" if it does not exist.  Trying to delete a client that's not your will throw a useful error either way (whether it exists or not), but if that client is actually yours or ownerless, then you can accidentally delete it.  I tried using "p4 client -t testclient" which was useful if the client to use as a template did not exist, but was actually very strange if it did.  The usual array of passed in flags (-s, -ztag, etc) yielded nothing useful.

One of you has surely sorted this out already surely.  Gimme.

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