[p4] Revision Control Debate

Curtis Spencer thorin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 09:53:19 PST 2008


I am one of the maintainers of Cruxlux, a fairly new platform for 
structured online debates, question and answer, and live blog 
conversations.  The structured format allows rapid point-counterpoint 
interaction, exposes spin, prevents people from talking past each 
other, and intuitively lays out the arguments on a given issue.

We currently have a question on there about which VCS to use on a new 
open source project:
and it would be cool to get some perforce supporters in there.

I want to expand this debate further by getting the experts in the 
field to chime in.  Secondly, we are planning a podcast roundtable 
session to accompany the answers to this question , and if anyone in 
this list would like to participate for perforce, please contact me  at 
info at cruxlux.com or respond here.  We are scheduling it for early next 
week.  The idea would be to get someone from each vcs 
(perforce,mercurial, git, monotone, subversion, bazaar) to discuss the 
strengths and weaknesses of their projects, and then to have a 
discussion about what new features (if any) should go into VCSs in the 
next few years.

Thanks for reading,

Curtis Spencer

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