[p4] The typical question - "Is my change in that branch?"

Biswajit Dash biswajitind at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 04:10:25 PST 2008

Hi Rui,
Please refer "Practical Perforce"
Chapter 8 section 4.

Laura Wingerd have explained it in a very simple way,
along with examples.

> "Is the fix I did in changelist 123 in the latest
> Stable branch version?"

Lets assume the stable version is 

p4 changes -i //depot/product/4.0/... | findstr 123
p4 changes -i //depot/product/4.0/... | grep 123

will list changelist 123 is it is integrated direct;y
or indirectly into 

You can specify the changelist in the stable branch
also as follows.
p4 changes -i //depot/product/4.0/... at 1324 | findstr

Caveat: Even if a single file revision from changelist
123 is integrated into stable branch. The output of
the above command will list it.

Perforce assumes that All the files for a
fix(belonging to a changelists) are integrated at


--- Rui Casais <ruic at funcom.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I know this is a typical question, but I've
> discussed it and read so 
> many things about it recently that I'm confused.
> In my company everyone works in private branches.
> Those branches are 
> regurlarly integrated to trunk and around every week
> we integrate trunk 
> to the Stable branch. The question that always comes
> up is:
> "Is the fix I did in changelist 123 in the latest
> Stable branch version?"
> So my question is:
> What is the easiest way of checking if a particular
> changelist is 
> present in a specific branch at changelistnumber?
> Thanks!
> Rui
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