[p4] Migration utility from P4 to P4

Thierry Lam Thierry.Lam at autodesk.com
Tue Feb 12 05:32:40 PST 2008

Use p4replicate:


It works pretty well and preserves the original history, you might want to do some testing first to make sure it matches your requirements. The script can also be easily modified in case you want to prune out some of the default information that comes with it or add more functionalities if you wish.


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We are looking for any experience in migration from one p4 depot to
another (each one is managed by different p4 server).

We need to migrate specific paths of the depot from one server to
another , preserving the history .

Thank you in advance,

Stella Khosidov
Dev-Env Implementation - Foundations
Raanana, Israel
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