[p4] Optmizing Perforce Databases

Nellie Chen Nellie.Chen at autodesk.com
Thu Feb 14 11:58:43 PST 2008


We are finding that our Perforce databases are growing in size extremely quickly, and is quickly running out of disk space.  We have almost 200 users accessing our Perforce server and they are all adding more data into the server.  Adding more disk space to the server will temporarily solve the problem.  We have initially calculated disk space to be 3 times the anticipated used space, but we are now quickly exceeding this limit.

We are currently looking into re-indexing/re-building the Perforce databases, which may reduce the size of the dbs.  But are there other suggestions to:
1. Reduce the size of our current Perforce dbs?
2. Help optimize/control the growth of the Perforce dbs in the future (without hindering developers from making check-ins)?


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