[p4] What is "Show file state icons" supposed to do in Windows File Explorer?

Peter Jackson pnj at ravenbrook.com
Sun Feb 17 00:27:43 PST 2008

It does cause file icons to be decorated with Perforce information using 
the same conventions as P4WIN.

It will only do this to files that are part of the Perforce workspace 
that it knows about, so perhaps you don't have that set up yet.

The icons will also not appear if your workspace is incorrectly formed. 
   In particular, if your ROOT field in the workspace is formed with 
forward slashes instead of backslashes (an easy mistake for some to 
make) then the icon decorations won't show.


Karr, David wrote:
> In looking at the Perforce context menu on file elements in Windows File
> Explorer, I noticed the Preferences option "Show file state icons".  I
> can't figure out what this is supposed to do.  It would be intriguing if
> it decorated the file icons in Windows File Explorer with some
> information, but it doesn't appear to do that if I turn it on, or
> perhaps I have to do something else with that.
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