[p4] What is "Show file state icons" supposed to do in Windows File Explorer?

Karr, David david.karr at wamu.net
Sun Feb 17 07:43:06 PST 2008

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> do in Windows File Explorer?
> It does cause file icons to be decorated with Perforce 
> information using the same conventions as P4WIN.
> It will only do this to files that are part of the Perforce 
> workspace that it knows about, so perhaps you don't have that 
> set up yet.

By workspace, I assume you mean "client view".  This client view has
been "set up" for a long time now, and I've tried to view numerous files
in Windows Explorer that have been checked in for quite a while, and it
isn't showing anything in the file icons.

> The icons will also not appear if your workspace is 
> incorrectly formed. 
>    In particular, if your ROOT field in the workspace is 
> formed with forward slashes instead of backslashes (an easy 
> mistake for some to
> make) then the icon decorations won't show.

By the "ROOT field", do you mean the value that I entered in the text
box with the label "Restrict the Explorer plug-in to the following
folders. Type one path per line. Each line should begin with a drive
letter."?  When I saw this text box, I clicked the "Add Client Root to
Filter" button, and that inserted a correct backslash path to the client

Any other ideas?

> Karr, David wrote:
> > In looking at the Perforce context menu on file elements in Windows 
> > File Explorer, I noticed the Preferences option "Show file state 
> > icons".  I can't figure out what this is supposed to do.  
> It would be 
> > intriguing if it decorated the file icons in Windows File Explorer 
> > with some information, but it doesn't appear to do that if 
> I turn it 
> > on, or perhaps I have to do something else with that.
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