[p4] Proxy time and sync time on files.

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Tue Feb 19 08:08:34 PST 2008

The proxy doesn't affect the transaction. If your client spec has 
"nomodtime" in the options (the default), the file time will be the time 
of the sync in the client machine's time. If your client spec has 
"modtime" in the options, the file time will be the time of the 
changelist in the server's time.

I don't know how the time discrepancy would affect the proxy's caching 
mechanism, but I believe it will have no effect unless you change the 
proxy's actual time (not time zone).


Jamison, Shawn wrote:
> If you connect to a P4 server through a proxy and the proxies time on
> not correct.  
> What time with the synced files have???  The sync time of the proxy or
> the servers sync time?
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