[p4] Adding a Changelist # to C++ code...?

Slava Imeshev imeshev at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 11:47:26 PST 2008

--- "Steve M. Robbins" <steve at sumost.ca> wrote:
> How do I do this using "make" or "ant" or "cmake"?

A modern build and release management system supplies the change list information to the tools
above in form of a shell variable. Using Ant pseudo-code:

<project name="MyProject" default="all">
  <property environment="env"/>

  <target name="all">
    <property name="p4.change.list" value="${env.CHANGE_LIST_ID}"/>
    <!-- Code generation to contain release information goes here -->

Hope this helps.


Slava Imeshev

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