[p4] Finding the workspace name: is p4config mandatory?

Steve M. Robbins steve at sumost.ca
Fri Feb 22 07:43:24 PST 2008


A recent thread on this list concerns adding a changelist number to
C++ code, to which Robert Cowham responded with a suggestion to run a
couple of p4 commands in the root of the workspace [1].  This is easy
to script, but it assumes that the workspace name is available to the

As a build manager, I would prefer to write one script to be used by
all developers.  Each developer has their own workspace, so the
workspace name cannot be embedded in the script.  Therefore it seems
that the script has to obtain it from the environment.  So either you
have to have it set in the environment (but then who uses just one
client?) or you have to have a p4config file properly set up.

Is that the case -- or is there another possibility that I'm
overlooking?  Is p4config therefore mandatory even for a shop that
otherwise uses p4v exclusively?

Now, if p4config is mandatory, is there a way to generate them
automatically?  I have been crafting each of mine by hand, which is
a real nuisance.  It strikes me that the first "p4 sync" could write 
the config file for me.


[1] http://maillist.perforce.com/pipermail/perforce-user/2008-February/023342.html

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