[p4] Request too large from p4 changes

Thierry Lam Thierry.Lam at autodesk.com
Fri Feb 22 07:51:12 PST 2008

Yes, I have around 700000+ changes, I'm pretty sure I was able to do p4 changes -m5 when it was around 600000.  Do you think I should bump the MaxResults field to a higher number so that I can get p4 changes -m5 to work?

On 21/02/08 6:45 PM, "Stephen Vance" <steve at vance.com> wrote:

Do you have more than 400000 changes? According to the documentation, you shouldn't have a problem. I've never seen it kick in erroneously. You could also turn on server logging and see if there was any better information there. Check with Perforce Support.


Thierry Lam wrote:

My group already has those values setup:

MaxResults:     400000

MaxScanRows:    unlimited

Any ideas what else I have to look for?

On 21/02/08 4:55 PM, "Stephen Vance" <steve at vance.com> <mailto:steve at vance.com><mailto:steve at vance.com>  wrote:

These parameters are in the group memberships. You get the highest value
from all the groups you are in. The parameters are MaxResults,
MaxScanRows, MaxLockTime, and Timeout. The maxresults help page
describes all of them.


Thierry Lam wrote:

I'm trying to find out what the last 5 changes were from a specific location on the depot, for instance::

p4 changes -m5 //depot/main/hello/...
Request too large (over 400000); see 'p4 help maxresults'.

I get the above message, however the above works fine with -m1 but anything greater than 1 fails.  The same p4 changes -m5 command works elsewhere on the depot, does anyone know if there's a perforce mechanism which  controls this behaviour?


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