[p4] Limiting users ability to create new branches

Russell Jackson rusty at rcjacksonconsulting.com
Wed Feb 27 08:42:54 PST 2008

Check p4 help undoc on your server. If you see the "=branch" in it, then you
can put a line like this in the protect table:

=branch group * -//...

That would stop everyone from making branches.


On 2/27/08, Jamison, Shawn <sjamison at ciena.com> wrote:
> I have the express need to limit a development groups ability to create
> new branches.
> They seem to think that a new branch is the solution to every
> development problem.
> Has anyone experienced this before or have any suggestions on how to
> accomplish this?
>         Besides sending a dude named Tony to visit them with at baseball
> bat...
> Thanks
> -Shawn Jamison>
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