[p4] Limiting users ability to create new branches

Peter Weldon peter.weldon at lollotec.com
Wed Feb 27 10:32:25 PST 2008

Meet/communicate with the developers and try get an understanding of
what they are trying to achieve. Work with them to get a process in
place that works for them and is effective in its use of Perforce.

A good starting discussion point would be something along the lines of
branching patterns
(http://www.cmcrossroads.com/bradapp/acme/branching/). This will most
likely lead to broader issues of software configuration management.
Another useful resource is the "Practical Perforce" book

One goal would be to get everyone to agree that a code line policy
would be beneficial and some commitment to create and implement such a
policy. Simple and lightweight to start most probably has a better
chance of success. Cover the essentials first like naming conventions,
location, owners, etc.

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