[p4] Deleting original depot without affecting branch

Oren Shemesh (oshemesh) oshemesh at cisco.com
Thu Feb 28 07:33:30 PST 2008

Thanks Paul, indeed the latest 'p4 help obliterate' shows that quoting
from memory is a bad habit (at least when it comes to MY memory).

Read 'p4 help snap'  and 'p4 help obliterate' - they explain everything
very clearly.


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Not with recent versions of the server it doesn't.

See "p4 help snap".


Quoting "Oren Shemesh (oshemesh)" <oshemesh at cisco.com>:

> Obliterate automatically does the work '-z' would do, if needed.
> You can safely use obliterate, just as you understood in the past.

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