[p4] Jira integration: use jobs or not?

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Sun Mar 2 13:50:13 PST 2008


I'd say that you should go for #2 in your list below.

In this setup, the p4 jobs exist only to support the p4 tool set, so you
could say that it is JIRA-centric. (The set of p4 jobs corresponds to the
subset of JIRA issues that represent code changes.)

We use JIRA+p4 this way, with great success.

The developers appreciate that they are relieved from memorizing JIRA issue
(This works provided that they have setup their JobView properly, e.g.,
"assignee=ollehallin ^issuestatus=closed").

It also increases the quality of the integration, since the risk for typos
is eliminated.

Olle Hallin

2008/2/29, Dan Halbert <halbert at everyzing.com>:
> Hi - I am asking some advice from those of you who use Jira with Perforce.
> We are switching from Bugzilla to Jira for bug tracking. We do not use
> P4DTI. Instead, we have a simple homegrown integration with Bugzilla
> using a submit trigger. Every submit must include one or more Bugzilla
> bug numbers in the description. The submit description is added as a
> comment to the bug. This enforces matching bugs with fixes.
> We do not use Perforce jobs at all.
> Jira has several options for integration with perforce (if I understand
> correctly):
> 1. It can just do changelist indexing; it will notice references to JIRA
> issues (e.g. FOO-123) in changelist descriptions. It indexes once an hour.
> 2. It can also optionally create a Perforce job on request for a Jira
> issue.
> 3. It can also require that a Perforce job be created. This is called a
> hidden job. It seems there is then a one-to-one correspondence between
> Jira issues and Perforce jobs.
> I cannot decide what to do here. Since we have no experience with jobs,
> I am not sure they are necessary if we already have Jira issues. To get
> the enforcement I have with Bugzilla, I could write a submit trigger
> that requires a reference to at least one Jira issue in each submit
> description .
> If you use Jira, what is your experience, and which did you choose? It
> seems the choice might have to do with whether we want to be more
> p4-centric or Jira-centric, but I am not sure.
> Thanks very much,
> Dan
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