[p4] Scripting with perforce, pitafalls ...

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Mon Mar 3 10:02:39 PST 2008

Thank you all for your answers.


I have been using the "-s -ztag" for months now, I find it the best way to
go with scripting.  



(You can, for example, say "I'll look at the exception and decide that 'all
files in sync' is an information message and not a fatal error and return
control to the script, but other ones will be fatal.")  


Getting status / success-fail is slightly easier. Still, sometimes an error
or warning will appear as a single formatted string to pass to the user, and
you cannot decide without parsing the string, if it was a warning or an


My point exactly, using p4perl, p4ruby, p4python or p4com would not solve my
issues.  My issues are not actually the parsing itself but the bunch of
"false-positives" I get when parsing the results of the commands, look at
this output of "p4 -ztag fstat *" for example:


src - no such file(s).

Thumbs.db - no such file(s).

... depotFile //xp/i2/main/ui/UI_Alles.i2p

... clientFile O:\iar\i2entw\i2\ui\UI_Alles.i2p

... isMapped

... headAction edit

... headType text

... headTime 1195201311

... headRev 2

... headChange 18142

... headModTime 1161248953

... haveRev 2


Note that, "src" is a directory and "Thumbs.db" is on the protection list.


If I would need to process this output, I should consider any line that
matches "^. .*", anything that matches "^.* - no such file(s)." should be
ignored, anything else should "potentially" be considered as an error?
Adding the -s parameter enhances the output, but I still have the same issue
with the error handling.  I hope this makes my point clear.  


Lately, I have been doing what Nittin suggests: Testing for success
patterns, as a programmer you can imagine how I feel about this idea, also I
hope Perforce never decides to change the text if the output.  


It would be much easier if each output (error/warning) would be tagged with
a number (like W-0001 or E-0001, as an example).


There is one minor nuisance about the -ztag parameter and that is it is an
undocumented future, which for me implies: not existant, don't use and
unsupported (I found an inconsistency with p4 -s -ztag integrated already
and got the "undocumented future, don't use" reply)


Thanks again,


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