[p4] typemap and exclusive locking (revisited)

ilde.web ilde.web at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 09:38:37 PST 2008

>If I add "binary+l //..." to our typemap, all future binary files are
>exclusive lock by default. 

The second parameter is a file spec, //... means all your depot, in other
words everything will be set as binary and exlusive lock.
> Ideally, I want binaries to be exclusive lock but I want any specific
>typemaps to still apply.

I am unaware how the typemap file is read, it could be that it is read
bottom-up like the protection table, you would need to test this.  If it is
the case you could add your binaries at the bottom at list something like:

text     //...
Binary+l //....bmp
Binary+l //....jpg
Binary+l //....gif

Note the four dots, not three.  In my protection table I implicitly defined
the types for the files we handle in the repository, something like:

text     //....c
text     //....h
text     //....cpp
text     //....cs
binary+l //....bmp
binary+l //....jpg
binary+l //....gif

If in your configuration you have binaries in specific directories you can
always define those too:

binary+l //depot/your/app/icons...
binary+l //depot/your/app/iamges...

Hope that helps.

Probably someone else has a better approach.

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