[p4] rsync for Windows

Dix, John JDix at MedManageSystems.com
Wed Mar 5 12:08:01 PST 2008

Thanks all. I did see that cygwin has one but I run in a Windows
environment and don't want to use cygwin. I also wanted to spawn this
from Python so I guess robocopy is the one to use as Greg mentioned...

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There's Cygwin.

I've had pretty good luck just pulling the .exe I need, then looking at
the error message when I try to run it.  Generally it'll complain about
a missing DLL.  Find that, install, rinse, repeat.  Generally two or
three DLLs later and the .exe runs fine.

Dan Wilder 

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Has there been a Windows port of rsync done? I searched and couldn't
find one so I downloaded the code for the UNIX version. Even though it
might be an interesting diversion, the thought of doing a UNIX ->
Windows conversion looks annoying at best. J

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