[p4] date of password change

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Mon Mar 10 04:19:48 PDT 2008

The schema does not show a date of password change. That sounds like a 
great request for a feature enhancement.

You could write an auth trigger that records it in your own storage. You 
may need to then take on your own authentication, although if you 
authenticate against an already aged source of passwords such as Active 
Directory or an LDAP server, your problem is solved.


Shambhu Sharma wrote:
> Hi,
>            I would like to know how to check for the date of password change
> for a user. i.e. when a user had last changed his password. I am planning to
> implement password expiry after a certain days. Or please let me know if
> there is already such trigger available or could it be queried using
> p4report.
> Regards,
> Shambhu.

Stephen Vance

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