[p4] date of password change

Nittin chawala nittinchawala at yahoo.co.in
Mon Mar 10 04:49:10 PDT 2008

For this you need to write a auth trigger and your own small database which records password set and expiry dates.
  There is no such feature available right now in Perforce.
  Or if you want to invalidate login's you can use Timeout option available in group form.
Shambhu Sharma <shambhu.1980 at gmail.com> wrote:

I would like to know how to check for the date of password change
for a user. i.e. when a user had last changed his password. I am planning to
implement password expiry after a certain days. Or please let me know if
there is already such trigger available or could it be queried using


If linux doesn't have a solution, then u have a wrong problem.

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