[p4] Number of users to admins ratio

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Mon Mar 10 14:19:53 PDT 2008

I'm currently admin-ing three servers with a bit over 320
users. I don't know if that's "larger" or not. I'm also 
handling a lot of build-related tasks which take up more 
time than Perforce does.

If the developers made more use of some of the esoteric
features, there'd be more work involved, but I'm pretty
comfortable in saying I could handle 400 when things are
running smoothly (but if 50 people suddenly decided they
needed hand-holding all in one day... *)

Obviously, for 24/7 support you'd want to break up the
load just for the time coverage if nothing else.

* This is the key to sizing, I think; how experienced are
your users? Experienced users willing to read the manual
are practically no effort to admin. We have a mix here.
Some are experienced, some need regular coaching, and the
majority are fine once they get the hang of it assuming
they don't have to try something drastically new.


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Quick question for the larger enterprise users of Perforce.

What is your ratio of Perforce admins to users?

-Shawn Jamison> 
Ciena Corp. Perforce Admin.

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