[p4] P4 reopen with security level 3

Nittin chawala nittinchawala at yahoo.co.in
Mon Mar 10 23:04:21 PDT 2008

This generally happens when:
  1) user's share login id's.
  2) user's share clients.
  To prevent them sharing login id's set proper security levels in p4. Of course they should not know or sudo as other's in unix if 1 is imposed 2 will not occur.


"Looney, James B (N-ULA)" <james.b.looney at lmco.com> wrote:
  I haven't completely checked this out, but it got my attention when one
of my coworkers 'stole' a file from me. He used p4 reopen, and it was
reopened in his name. Am I missing something in believing that with
security in place (level 3), that this should not be allowed to happen?

To make sure the question's clear:
user1: p4 edit file.cpp
file.cpp - opened for edit

user2: p4 opened
file.cpp edit default change (text) by jlooney at clientName
user2: p4 reopen file.cpp
user2: p4 opened
file.cpp - edit default change

It seems to me as though this violates part of why we have to login as
individual users. Unless this has something to do with user1 and user2
being in the same group or having access to the same files?

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