[p4] Which command am I missing?

Robert Cowham robert at vaccaperna.co.uk
Tue Mar 11 06:58:28 PDT 2008

This works:

C:\bruno_ws>p4 login -s
Your session has expired, please login again.

C:\bruno_ws>echo brunopass|p4 login
Enter password:
User bruno logged in.

Please note no space before '|'

P.s. For anything remotely complicated I would use the now fully supported
P4Ruby/Python/Perl interfaces rather than .bat file syntax.

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> All,
> I am currently working on 3 projects and am writing MS-DOS 
> batch code to automate the get latest process.
> It works fine - but I cannot handle the situation where my 
> session has expired - what command do I need to run to 
> re-login to the session?
> Here is what I have. I get the warning 'Your session has 
> expired, please login again' after I run the line p4 login -s 
> - do I need a new flag, and/or do I need to pass in my 
> username? I looked at the help for the p4 login command but 
> no joy. I don't see a command to send in my password.
> REM The are environmental variables I set
> p4 set P4CLIENT=%P4CLIENT%
> p4 set P4PORT=%P4PORT%
> p4 set P4USER=%P4USER%
> REM %1 is the project I am logging in to
> p4 login -s
> p4 client -o %P4CLIENT%
> p4 changes -s submitted -L -m 100 //%P4CLIENT%/MyFolder/%1/...
> p4 fstat -P -Olh //%P4CLIENT%/* //%P4CLIENT%/MyFolder/*
> p4 fstat -P -C {9 items}
> p4 depots
> p4 dirs -C {8 items}
> p4 changes -s submitted -L -m 100 //%P4CLIENT%/MyFolder/%1/...
> p4 sync -f //%P4CLIENT%/MyFolder/%1/...#head
> TIA,
> Doug
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