[p4] Release branch protection

michael.kuitunen at kodak.com michael.kuitunen at kodak.com
Thu Mar 13 06:07:23 PDT 2008

Relative Perforce newbie here.

Our team builds several software 'components' which can be 'released'
independently. This means we will have a lot of 'release' branches --- many
components with many releases of each.

What we would like to do is to protect our 'release' branches from
accidental checkouts and code modifications. "p4 protect" looks like what
we want, but we have some questions about it.

1) "p4 protect" can only be run by super-users. What we would like to do is
have our Python build scripts protect the release branches when they are
completed. However, several users can be running build scripts at the same
time - building independent components. It would be ideal if the build
scripts could 'protect' the release branches, yet the build scripts are not
being run by super-users.

Question: Any ideas on how we could handle this requirement?

2) If we did 'protect' each release branch, it sounds like our protection
table could get large (we would have an extra entry for each release
branch).  I considered using wildcards to protect all release branches with
a single line in the protection table, but that prevents creation of any
new release branches.

Question: Will this impact performance if our protection table gets large?

Any suggestions?



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