[p4] Symbolic links on perforce

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Fri Mar 14 12:09:58 PDT 2008

I'm a bit ambivalent about symbolic links in the first place. (I'm
working on a system now that has a ton of them, many broken because
the target isn't there - people never remember to fix links even
when they know they are there. It's also annoying to cd into a 
"directory" and then find that cd .. takes you far from where you 

That said, we've used them in Perforce in a couple of places where
the utility outweighed the problems. (Although in some cases I've 
had users want to create a symbolic link when they really needed 
their own copy of the files for their project. They were way too 
trusting about what shape the files would be in at the other end 
of the link, assuming they were even there at all.)

I'd say within a specific project, if you really need it, go for
it, but avoid them between projects or common code unless you have
some strong assurance that "mystery changes" won't happen invisibly
at the other end and mess you up. (I'd be more inclined to link to
a stable third party library or tool, for example, than to an in-
house library which may be updated randomly, unless the in-house
work has a policy in place of broadcasting changes and, perhaps,
getting approval for them.)


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Is it good practice to submit symbolic links on perforce, I've tried it
and perforce seems to handle it well.  The files and symbolic links that
I'm submitting will reside in the same directory and will not be checked
out or modified by windows machine.


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