[p4] Merge problem - help needed

Babu Alagarsamy babu.alagarsamy at sap.com
Mon Mar 17 22:48:58 PDT 2008

Hi All,


I am a new user to perforce and got a problem while doing merge of files
between different streams.

The problem is; I have two streams say S1 and S2, I want to merge S2
with S1. The change list has about 15000 files. When I completed the
merge I realized that some of the files have not merged properly and in
the action column of those files it says "integrate ignored". Now I want
to get the list of files which has not got merged (i.e. which has
"integrate ignored" in action column). How to get those files in
perforce? It is not possible to look the file history of all the 15000
files manually and get those which has "integrate ignored". So if there
is a good command available it will be good. I am using perforce in
windows machine.


And any idea of what could be the reason for this merge problem?




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