[p4] Problem adding files in overlay mapping directories

slalande slalande50 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 18 09:05:17 PDT 2008

The problem I have is that when adding a file in overlay mapped 
directories, it does not add the files at the proper place in the depot, 
Even if it is at the proper place in the PC workspace.

So lets say my workspace view is the following:

//depot/programs/mcc5500/MAIN/... //Client_name/Programs/...
//depot/libs/univ/MAIN/... //Client_name/Libs/...
+//depot/libs/communication/MAIN/... //Client_name/Libs/...
+//depot/libs/winbase/MAIN/... //Client_name/Libs/...
+//depot/libs/utility/MAIN/... //Client_name/Libs/...

Each MAIN directories still contains the name of the libs such as for 
the univ path it would be //depot/libs/univ/MAIN/univ.  We are doing 
this way since in the code, we want to be able to include the following 
#include <univ/header.h>.  And we don't want to have all of the 
different libs as a same branch so this is why we have implemented the 
following hierarchy.  Second of all, it will be easier for all users to 
create there own workspace.

Also I want to have all of my librairies in the same folder on my PC 
since I want only one library root.

The problem I am presently facing is that when adding a file, for 
example header.h under communication.  On my computer it will be under 
//Client_name/Libs/communication/header.h.  But when adding it on the 
depot, it is adding the files under 

Is there a way to fix this problem and does it has been detected 
previously.  Perforce should be able to detect where it is added on the 
workspace and add it directly in the proper depot directory.

I know that I could generate the following view for my workspace

//depot/programs/mcc5500/MAIN/... //Client_name/Programs/...
//depot/libs/univ/MAIN/univ... //Client_name/Libs/univ/...
+//depot/libs/winbase/MAIN/winbase/... //Client_name/Libs/winbase/...
+//depot/libs/utility/MAIN/utility/... //Client_name/Libs/utility/...

But we want to make things easier when creating the workspace.

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