[p4] Problem adding files in overlay mapping directories

Shawn Hladky p4shawn at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 12:10:13 PDT 2008

You can use the depot path when adding.  Like:
p4 add //depot/libs/communication/header.h

However, if your goal is to make this simpler for users, I wouldn't use
overlay mappings.  They're handy for sync-only clients, but get very
confusing for adds/edits.  You can make rather complex clients as templates,
and always have them create their clients from the templates.

On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 10:05 AM, slalande <slalande50 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> The problem I have is that when adding a file in overlay mapped
> directories, it does not add the files at the proper place in the depot,
> Even if it is at the proper place in the PC workspace.
> So lets say my workspace view is the following:
> //depot/programs/mcc5500/MAIN/... //Client_name/Programs/...
> //depot/libs/univ/MAIN/... //Client_name/Libs/...
> +//depot/libs/communication/MAIN/... //Client_name/Libs/...
> +//depot/libs/winbase/MAIN/... //Client_name/Libs/...
> +//depot/libs/utility/MAIN/... //Client_name/Libs/...
> Each MAIN directories still contains the name of the libs such as for
> the univ path it would be //depot/libs/univ/MAIN/univ.  We are doing
> this way since in the code, we want to be able to include the following
> #include <univ/header.h>.  And we don't want to have all of the
> different libs as a same branch so this is why we have implemented the
> following hierarchy.  Second of all, it will be easier for all users to
> create there own workspace.
> Also I want to have all of my librairies in the same folder on my PC
> since I want only one library root.
> The problem I am presently facing is that when adding a file, for
> example header.h under communication.  On my computer it will be under
> //Client_name/Libs/communication/header.h.  But when adding it on the
> depot, it is adding the files under
> //depot/libs/utility/MAIN/communication/header.h.
> Is there a way to fix this problem and does it has been detected
> previously.  Perforce should be able to detect where it is added on the
> workspace and add it directly in the proper depot directory.
> I know that I could generate the following view for my workspace
> //depot/programs/mcc5500/MAIN/... //Client_name/Programs/...
> //depot/libs/univ/MAIN/univ... //Client_name/Libs/univ/...
> +//depot/libs/communication/MAIN/communication...
> //Client_name/Libs/communication/...
> +//depot/libs/winbase/MAIN/winbase/... //Client_name/Libs

> /winbase/...
> +//depot/libs/utility/MAIN/utility/... //Client_name/Libs/utility/...
> But we want to make things easier when creating the workspace.
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