[p4] Error from "p4 labelsync -a -l LABEL //depot/br/x/y/z/...#head"

Nittin chawala nittinchawala at yahoo.co.in
Mon Mar 24 21:25:29 PDT 2008

Probably you need to check your label specification..by p4 label <label-name>
  p4 help label says:
          Revision:    An optional revision specification for an automatic
                     label.  Note that this field must be quoted if it
                     contains the # (form comment) character.

"West, Larry" <Larry_West at intuit.com> wrote:
  Working with an existing script that uses this to get a label applied to
a particular set of files.

But I'm working with a new label, and on a branch that hasn't yet been
used with this script.

My problem is that

p4 labelsync -a -l LABEL //depot/br/x/y/z/...#head

fails with this message:
//depot/br/x/y/z/...#head - no permission for operation on file(s).

But if I omit the "#head", this works without a problem.

In this context (especially as there is only one revision of all of the
files in this particular directory on this particular branch), I would
expect "..." and "...#head" to yield the same results. And I can't
imagine why "...#head" would prevent a label from being applied to files
in any case.

Here's what "p4 help labelsync" says (in part):
If the file argument includes a revision specification, then
revision is used instead of the revision taken by the client.
the revision specified is a deleted revision, then the label
include that deleted revision. See 'p4 help revisions' for help
specifying revisions.

All operations are being run by the label's owner, the label is not
locked, and its view is "//depot/...".

Operating on specific files rather than "...#head" yields the same

Any advice or clarification would be welcomed, thanks.

(On a tangent: I thought to try "p4 tag", but no luck there, either:
starting with "p4 labels //depot/br/x/y/x/..." showing nothing and "p4
files @CRYPTO_TMP" reporting "no such file(s)" [other labels used in
this script do show the files, under a different branch]:

p4 tag -l LABEL //depot/br/x/y/z/...#head
p4 tag -l LABEL //depot/br/x/y/z/...

Both report "- no permission for operation on file(s).". Same with
other labels.)

Running perforce server & client at 2005.2 version (Solaris, HP-UX).

Larry West
Intuit San Diego

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